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Welcome to iCardGenerators, here you can generate random gift card codes for many brands using our gift card generator tools. This service totally free of cost no survey or human verification required to generate any codes.

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Using our Gift card generator tools you can generate multiple gift card codes very fast .


All gift card generator tools are very easy to work , you can generates random codes very easily.


All gift card generators are avaliable online 24/7 with 99% uptime.

Icardgenerator gives you access to generate free gift cards for popular brands in the market. We have a professional programmer who worked very hard to create this online tool for you.

We have dedicated a team to develop online tools like icardgenerator. Basically, this is a very efficient AI-based tool, which will give you very easy user interface so that any typical internet user can take advantage of this free gift card generator and this gift card generator consists total of 80% to 90% of accuracy during generating free gift card codes of any brand.

We will assure you that 100% chance to get a 100% working gift codes. The codes generated from our tool is very random, we can not verify them all but we assure you it is precisely as real as we are. You can verify the codes by your own, codes will be very easy to use.

Many users are actually gone through very same online tools like generating free gift card codes but this is a very genuine tool for generating actual gift codes for popular brands.

We don’t even ask for installing any spyware software in your system before you generate any codes but we give you direct access to the code generating panel this our specialty and this is the actual difference between other online tools and our icardgenerator.

In the process of generating free gift codes, you will never face an online survey and this process never take you to any human verification process and any captcha verification.

If you get fail to generate any free gift card code then don’t get panic as we told you we provide 80% to 90% of accuracy so, you can try next for next time for next gift code generator so on, and the process will run successfully.

Don’t hesitate to contact us through the contact us for any help and support we are here 24*7 to help you. You can contact us through the contact form and we will solve your query as soon as possible within 24hours.

This tool is totally free and you can also donate us a few bucks through PayPal. We provide free gift code generator for popular brands like PlayStation, PayPal, Bitcoin, Steam, iTunes, Minecraft, Google Play, Nintendo, Roblox, Netflix, and Webkinz etc. and we trying to add more.