You love Avatar don’t you? If you do not know and love IMVU games then what are you doing here and what have you been doing for so long? Play the games as they are very interesting.

You get to prepare your own 3D Avatar here and you can play the game with that Avatar. This is absolutely amazing. For video game players, IMVU is love.

In case of the virtual gaming station, you need to download the latest updates, changes, game patterns, accessories and everything and to do these shopping, you need money.

These are paid games and hence you have to spare money to get those extra facilities. You have to spare a lot of money just to buy your Avatar some wonderful clothes or attire!

But not everyone can afford these pricey games but they love playing those games. Now what would they do? For those people that love the game but are not able to play it due to these reasons, the gift card generator is there. Now you can easily get the codes for free and continue your game without any blockage!


Mainly two types of codes are available in the market. Take a look before you jump onto choose one of them.

IMVU Gift cards: When you want your friends to play some rounds with you, you gift them gift cards. With the help of these cards, you can easily buy some accessories for your player and start playing!

IMVU Promo codes: Promo codes are there to cut down your price a bit. The gift cards are quite pricey. So you must need something that can curb down that price a bit right?


There are a few easy steps available that you can use to get free usable IMVU codes and now your game won’t stop and you can continue playing with your friends.

Step 1: Lots of false sites are there. So you have to find yourself a good website that can generate some codes for you.

Step 2: Click on the name of the game first. Then select the country you are from. These steps are mandatory.

Step 3: Don’t waste your time and click on the Generate now button.


You cannot pass it on to someone. But you can easily buy anything listed on IMVU and gift it to your close and favourite ones.

You can get everything listed on IMVU with these codes.