When you return home after a hectic day at work, the first thing you need to go for is some kind of entertainment. People like entertainment and Netflix is exactly what they are looking for. Some amazing television series and Hollywood movies are waiting for you there. But the price they charge is huge compared to other sources of entertainment.

If you are a subscriber then you know that Netflix gift cards can be used to subscribe to the website and enjoy a number of wonderful works by different countries and several directors.

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Mainly two types of codes are available in the market. Take a look before you jump onto choose one of them.

Netflix gift cards: If you want your friends and family to get entertained the way you entertain yourself, gift them the card. With the help of the gift card, the holder can access Netflix for a month or so. This is one of the most amazing gifts one can have. These cards are available online and you can purchase them from any online store.

Netflix Promo codes: Netflix subscription cost is sky high. So the Netflix production decided that to garner more viewers and to welcome more people towards entertainment, they need to offer something big. The promo codes to cut down the subscription charges to the big time!


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The codes you will get from the code generator are almost similar to the original codes offered by the Netflix production house. These codes produced by the free code generators are not checked, but using them you will surely enjoy the shows.

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If you follow the instructions properly, you will get a free version of Netflix for at least 1- 2 months and that’s a good sign.


You cannot pass it on to someone. But you can easily buy anything listed on Netflix and gift it to your close and favourite ones.

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