An Xbox is the videogame platform that is produced and developed by Microsoft. It holds a very big share in the console market and is one of the top gaming brands out there.

The Xbox enjoys a large market share, provides great support and is very popular in the Indian market as well. The Xbox releases some games that are exclusive to eat and not available on PC.

These games cannot be played in anything else other than the Xbox. With such exclusivity, people buy millions of Xboxes and that’s what made it very successful.

Microsoft also provides software, apps for gaming and other streaming services. The service called “Xbox live” provides you free games and other services such as discounts, bundles, exclusive games on the console.

These exclusive games include HALO, Cuphead, Forza horizon etc. All of the best games available on the Xbox are free to use for you if you use the generator.

The Xbox is perfect for game lovers who love to play games online with their friends. To play online you will need an Xbox live subscription or above.


Here are four types of Xbox codes that you can redeem using the generator

Xbox promo code: This Xbox promo code is a code that is given by the Xbox networks which are used for applying a discount on the games that you buy.

Xbox gift card code: This Xbox gift card code is 25 characters long and is used for gifting purposes only. You can give this card to some other player online or to your friends

Xbox live code: You can use this code to buy the latest applications, devices, movies on Xbox games.

Xbox live gold code: With this Xbox live gold code, you can quickly get the Xbox live gold membership for free. The Xbox live gold membership usually cost a lot of money but this generator helps you get it free of cost.


Xbox codes are important to play games online at cheaper costs. But Xbox cards and gift cards are expensive for the average People.

You can try out many Xbox live generator in websites but it is difficult to find a true generator which does not scam you and instead gives you real Xbox live codes.

Creating a genuine Xbox live code generator is not impossible and sometimes website generates Xbox live codes for free.

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The generator does not require any human verification and does not trap you in any long survey.


After generating, you will receive a 25 character long code and you will wonder where you can use it.

You can easily shop anything you want on the Microsoft store online, Windows and Xbox using these codes. You could even buy games for your friends.

You can easily shop anything you want on the Microsoft store online, Windows and Xbox using these codes.

You could even buy games for your friends all multiplayer games where you want to compete with players online.

These codes are free to use and you can use the codes to avail special features that only a paid user gets.

All of these features that an Xbox paid gold membership get are given to you by using the generator provided. The generator is absolutely free to use.